Well, I Don't Know

where there's hope there's faith that I can mend my mistakes.
Spin your martyr's web.
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia by night

"When the night comes, the starry sky reflects on its surface like in a mirror, and you have the feeling of being in space."

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The phantasmagorical and surreal animal sculptures by Canadian artist Ellen Jewett. Between dream and nightmare, some strange creations born of a symbiosis between organic and mechanical elements, a meeting between fantasy, gothic and steampunk. Some very detailed sculptures in clay on a metal frame.

Visit her website at http://www.creaturesfromel.ca/

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nothing makes a gamer more nervous than when the game autosaves in a seemingly harmless location

"this is an awfully convenient collection of healing items"

"why is all this ammo here"

"where did all the enemies go"

"This room has rather a lot of wide, open space in it." 

"The music stopped suddenly."

"No, there it is."

"….That’s an awful lot of bass."

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—The Whitest Lie


Bayside has a new album out, and it’s very good. While I personally don’t think it’s their best overall album it does come quite close, and some their best work is on the record. Specifically, The Whitest Lie. This song captures everything that Bayside does well in one song. The honesty in its lyrics, the sonic pounding from the drums, and rhythm of the guitars to the leads and vocals. The song is exceptionally well written, and performed. Anthony and the gang did a bang up job on the record, and KILLED it on this track.

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